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The Game Master with The BFG and Harry Potter

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This unique tale of Josh and Alex and the Game Master delivers on all fronts, from humor and mystery to action and a bit of fictional whimsy. After all, if you can blend sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, and adventure so neatly into a book, then someone of any age can enjoy it - even me. 
  -  John J. Staughton, author.
This book is a great read for all ages and has so many important life lessons weaved throughout its captivating pages. I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of this book and highly recommended it for everyone.
 - Katie Maughan
Pure fun and adventure – a terrific book for avid readers and for those influenced by the ubiquitous ‘games’.
 - Grady Harp, Amazon top 100 reviewer
The Game Master is brilliantly well-told, and an adventure that readers won't ever forget.
 - Danielle Urban